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Undersink Filters

There are many types of filters for your water supply. The right one for you depends on your requirements and the quality of your local water supply.

See some options below:

Twin filtration

The new SnapLock Twin Filtration System is the most cost effective way of filtering water for home or small office use. The system fits neatly under your sink and connects to your existing water supply with a range of designer faucets available to suit your requirements.

The Twin SnapLock System uses a 1 micron sediment filter cartridge and a 1 micron carbon block filter cartridge to effectively reduce and/or remove microscopic impurities as well as dissolving chemicals and toxins such as disinfectant chlorine, asbestos fibres, giardia lamblia cysts, histolytica cysts, parvum cysts, cryptosporidium, oxidised iron, manganese, sulphides, pesticides, benzine, nitrates, sewerage, solvents, hydrocarbons, petrol and chlorides.

The cartridges are FDA compliant food safe as well as holding the Australian watermark.

The SnapLock Twin System has a unique quick change sanitary cartridge for a hygienic and safe way to change the filters.

Maxiflow Systems

The SnapLock Maxiflow System is ideal for larger offices, commercial and industrial locations. It attaches directly to your mains water faucet providing pure filtered water at a maximum flowrate of 6.5L per minute. Inside the single SnapLock cartridge is a nominal 1 micron filter cartridge which can effectively reduce both sediment and particulate matter including parasitic cysts.

The cartridges are FDA food safe compliant as well as holding the Australian watermark.

The unique SnapLock design features a sanitary quick change cartridge that provides an easy, hygienic and safe change-out system.

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis filtered water is the purest form of water.

It adds a membrane process that can separate up to 98% of dissolved metals and salts from ordinary tap water. The membrane is capable of rejecting ionic contaminates down to five angstroms in size (one angstrom is one ten millionth the size of a millimetre).

The membrane also allows oxygen to pass through, so the final result doesn't have the flat taste of distilled water.

Reverse osmosis membranes are self-cleaning, as the system flushes contaminants down your drain.

Both the reverse osmosis and twin filtration systems can be connected to a stylish chrome faucet on your sink or any of our other heating/cooling dispensers.

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